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$12.00 USD

Ends on 3/2/2016

Writer Advice Announces--An Experiment in Contests for 2016

In 2016 Writer Advice, www.writeradvice.com, is offering four contests, one per issue: (Flash Memoir; Flash Fiction; Openings of MG, YA, or NA; and Openings of other prose genres). 

Lower fees.

New due dates.

New word limits.

Same detailed responses.

Submission information and fees for all contests are at www.writeradvice.com/guidelines.


1.     Starting January 2 and due by March 1 for Spring: (Apr- June)  Flash Memoir –a story or vignette from life, told as you remember it. 750 words or less.  Fee: $12.  First prize: $125. Second prize. $50. Visit www.writeradvice.com for additional information.


2.     Starting March 2 and due by June 1 for Summer: (July-Sept)  Flash Fiction – a story that is fiction. It may have begun with an event you remember, or it may be the way you’d like to see something happen. 750 words or less.  Fee: $12.  First prize: $125. Second prize. $50. Reimbursed fee for any other pieces shared.